Personal Training
Functional Fitness

A revolutionary concept and a workout plan for all: adults, children, disabled and endurance athletes, that focuses on the all- important core muscle groups and body as a whole unit to create a lean and toned physique with more energy and less free.

Training for a marathon, or an Ironman is a huge project which takes human body through non- stop training for about nine months. It is exactly the same time as a pregnancy!  How do you train for multiple events like that?  How do you protect your only body from injury and burnout?  Do you have to work out every day?  Those are the most asked questions. Using Functional Fitness program the focus will be put on the muscles of your shoulders, midsection, and hips- the fundamental core muscle groups of your bodyas your core- the fundament of your body, in order to move into a circuit training program with the drills that will strengthen the body and increase performance using the major categories of human movement.  As there is no one formula that fits all, an assessment will be performed before starting any training program.  The goal is to have a solid training plan with progression in mind to help improve skills required for daily living, or a specific sport.

“Remember, today is tomorrow you worried about yesterday” DALE CARNEGIE.

If you suffer from chronic injuries, such as shin splints, groin tightness, hamstring pulls, lower back syndrome, sciatica, ITB syndrome, or just feel sluggish while walking a short distance, the functional training program will increase:

  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Bone and ligament strength
  • Balance, stability and coordination
  • Lean muscle mass
  • Flexibility
  • Speed and power
  • Agility


Finally the program will improve your digestion, lower you body fat, decrease stress, tension, and resting heart rate.